QuickCRM Mobile

Mobile Access to SugarCRM and SuiteCRM

User Manual

App Version: 8.0 – Server module: 6.3

1-        Introduction


QuickCRM Mobile gives you access to your CRM data on your smartphone or tablet.


QuickCRM Mobile comes in two editions:

      QuickCRM Mobile Basic (AGPLv3)

      QuickCRM Mobile Full (Commercial License) 


Once QuickCRM Mobile is installed on your CRM server, you can access the mobile version from our iOS and Android native apps or from your device browser.


For more information about QuickCRM Mobile Full:

Visit www.quickcrm.fr/mobile or contact us at quickcrm@ns-team.fr



The software and documents are distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

New with Server version 6.2:

- Graphs defined in SuiteCRM Reports can be displayed on the home page.
- Admin users can edit Home page definitions and copy a home page to all users or users in a given role.

2- Using QuickCRM Mobile

2.1      Server and User Configuration (native apps)

On the Home Page, tap on MG_0268  in the left panel.

To open the left panel, tap on MG_0296  or swipe left on the homepage.

Choose "My CRM Server" then enter your CRM URL, your username and your password.

Tap on Save.


-       If you are using LDAP, please enter your local Username.


If you have access to multiple instances of Sugar/SuiteCRM, a dropdown menu will be displayed with the list of instances and usernames you have used in the past so that you can easily switch from one instance to the other.

2.2      QuickCRM Home Page


On the top of the Home Page, 4 buttons are available for the main features of QuickCRM:


The labels of these buttons can be displayed or hidden in Options / General / Toolbar Labels On or Off.

Note: depending on your configuration, some of these buttons might not be available.

The main window can be customized with:

-       Buttons for Saved Searches (Full Version)

-       Buttons for Creation (Full Version)

-       Icons for your favorite modules

-       Dashlets (Full Version)

The “Today” dashlet displays the calls and meetings, and optionally the iPhone/iPad or Android calendar events:

Tap and hold on the date to display activities of another day, or click on the left/right arrow to display the previous or following day:


2.3      Search CRM Data

The search options are available with the search icon on the list view:

imulator%20Screen%20Shot%206%20nov                    imulator Screen Shot 6 nov

You can search any module with

-       Name

-       "My items"

-       "Favorites"

-       Other standard or custom fields (Full version only).

For date fields, you can search From a date, To a date, between dates, today, this week, this month, etc.
When searching ‘Between dates, minimum and maximum dates are optional so that you can also search before a date or after a date.

When searching for a number field (int, float, currency), you can search for >=, <= or between.

Searching automatically extends your search keyword with wildcards, so you just need to type a few letters to search data.


-       Searching for ban might return

o   Bank of America

o   Union Francaise de banque

Search on Contacts looks for your keyword in First Name and Last Name.

Search fields can be extended with other standard or custom fields (see Fields Management).

When searching for Tasks or Opportunities (Full Version) you could, for example, search by Task status or Opportunity Sales stage:

Saved Searches (Full Version)

Users can save their favorite searches on their mobile:

For example, you can create a search named "Pipeline" where you select Opportunities not in Closed Won sales stage and Expected Close Date This year.

The search will be saved when you click on Save.

If you click on "Icon" on a saved search, this search will be directly accessible by a button on your home page:


If you click on "Dashlet" on a saved search, this search will be directly visible on your home page.

Saved Searches can be public or private.

Public saved searches will be available to all users, however, how these Saved Searches are displayed on the homepage is user-dependent. A user can have it displayed as an icon and another as a dashlet.

If a user has a smartphone and a tablet, display may also be different (such as icon on the smartphone and dashlet on the tablet).

Public Dashlets can be renamed or deleted only by admin users or by the creator of this saved search.

Global Search

Global search allow you to search for a text in multiple modules.

You can access Global Search from the Homepage.

Global search allow you to search for a text in multiple modules.

2.4      Display Data


When clicking on Search, you get the list of records matching your search filter:

Number of items found and current page information (ex: 1-20/200) are displayed with SugarCRM 6.2 and later.

You can swipe left on a record to edit or delete that record (assuming your access rights allow it).

If Maps are enabled for that module, swiping right will show you that record on a map.

On tablets, the detail view in combined with the list view:


On smaller screens, the detail view is displayed when you click on a line in the search results.